Commit 050ee33c authored by Erick Hitter's avatar Erick Hitter
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Shortcut function for method introduced in 489babaa

parent 489babaa
......@@ -86,6 +86,16 @@ function event_exists( $timestamp, $action, $instance, $return_id = false ) {
return Events_Store::instance()->job_exists( $timestamp, $action, $instance, $return_id );
* Retrieve a single event by ID, or by a combination of its timestamp, instance identifier, and either action or the action's hashed representation
* @param array $attributes Array of event attributes to query by
* @return object|false
function get_event_by_attributes( $attributes ) {
return Events_Store::instance()->get_job( $attributes );
* Prevent event store from creating new entries
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