Commit 381d38da authored by Nick Daugherty's avatar Nick Daugherty
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Switch to a Warning instead of Success when job not found

This condition isn’t really a ‘success’ per-se…should do a warning

Also adds an exit even though nothing else can run due to current
logic. But who knows what the future could bring…
parent ac289625
......@@ -87,7 +87,9 @@ class Orchestrate_Runner extends \WP_CLI_Command {
$error_data = $run->get_error_data();
if ( isset( $error_data['status'] ) && 404 === $error_data['status'] ) {
\WP_CLI::success( $run->get_error_message() );
\WP_CLI::warning( $run->get_error_message() );
} else {
\WP_CLI::error( $run->get_error_message() );
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