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GitLab Runner
This role will install the official GitLab Runner
This role will install the [official GitLab Runner](
......@@ -12,26 +12,26 @@ This role requires Ansible 2.0 or higher.
Role Variables
The maximum number of jobs to run concurrently.
Defaults to the number of processor cores.
The GitLab coordinator URL.
Defaults to ``````.
Defaults to ``.
The GitLab registration token.
The description of the runner.
Defaults to the hostname.
The executor used by the runner.
Defaults to ```shell```.
Defaults to `shell`.
The tags assigned to the runner,
Defaults to an empty list.
......@@ -42,7 +42,24 @@ None
Example Playbook
- hosts: all
remote_user: root
- vars/main.yml
- { role: haroldb.gitlab-runner }
Inside `vars/main.yml`
gitlab_runner_registration_token: 'HUzTMgnxk17YV8Rj8ucQ'
gitlab_runner_description: 'Example GitLab Runner'
- node
- ruby
- mysql
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