Commit d206a811 authored by Erick Hitter's avatar Erick Hitter

Merge branch 'add/ipv6' into 'master'

Add IPv6 support

See merge request !4
parents 8e0fbdd7 050e64ed
......@@ -43,5 +43,6 @@
--machine-machine-options 'digitalocean-region={{ gitlab_runner_digital_ocean_region }}'
--machine-machine-options 'digitalocean-size={{ gitlab_runner_digital_ocean_size }}'
--machine-machine-options 'digitalocean-private-networking'
--machine-machine-options 'digitalocean-ipv6'
with_items: '{{ gitlab_runners }}'
when: configured_runners.stderr.find('\n' + item.description) == -1
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