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# Gitlab RSS Sync
Create Gitlab issues from RSS Feeds
Create Gitlab issues from RSS Feeds with optional labelling. Created to monitor RSS feeds and bring posts to
our attention (Security Releases, Product Updates etc)
## Config file
The config file **MUST** be named config.yaml, an example one is provided [here](config.yaml.example). Below is a brief
description of its contents.
interval: 300 // Interval in seconds to check the RSS feeds.
- id: test //Specify a feed ID that is used internally for duplicate detection.
feed_url: // The Feed URL.
name: Test Feed // A User friendly display name.
gitlab_project_id: 12345 // The Gitlab project ID to create issues under.
labels: // A list of labels to add to created Issues.
added_since: "2019-03-27T15:00:00Z" // (Optional) For longer RSS feeds specify a date to exclude items published/updated earlier than this
labels: // (Optional) A list of labels to add to created Issues.
- TestLabel
- id: ...
......@@ -28,4 +34,6 @@ Make sure the location of your DATA_DIR environment variable is set to a persist
that is contained within it stores the state of which RSS items have already been synced.
### Run it
`docker run -e GITLAB_API_TOKEN=<INSERT_TOKEN> -e DATA_DIR=/data -e CONFIG_DIR=/app -v <PATH_TO_DATA_DIR>:/data -v <PATH_TO_CONFIG_DIR>/config adamhf/rss-sync:latest`
\ No newline at end of file
docker run -e GITLAB_API_TOKEN=<INSERT_TOKEN> -e DATA_DIR=/data -e CONFIG_DIR=/app -v <PATH_TO_DATA_DIR>:/data -v <PATH_TO_CONFIG_DIR>/config adamhf/rss-sync:latest
\ No newline at end of file
interval: 300
- id: reddit
name: Reddit Front Page
gitlab_project_id: 12345678
- Reddit
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