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......@@ -5,8 +5,13 @@ A node.js module to control [Samsungs SmartThings' Smart Home Monitor](https://s
**This library requires that SHM is accessible to Home Assistant via MQTT, as discussed [here](**
Regardless of how many buttons are configured, only one SHM instance is controlled by any and all. I'm not sure why or how you'd have multiple SHM instances in a home anyway.
**For security reasons**, the button will only toggle between the states that apply when people are home. This button is _not_ meant to turn on the alarm on the way out the door; that still requires the Home Assistant UI or the SmartThings app. Accordingly, **when the system is "armed away," the button won't have any effect.**
## Prerequisties
* At least one Dash button (multiple are supported, but see above notes)
* [Home Assistant](
* [SmartThings MQTT Bridge](
* [SmartThings SHM MQTT Bridge](
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