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......@@ -11,3 +11,28 @@ A WordPress object cache backend that implements all available methods using Red
2. Install Predis (included in this repository as a submodule) in the `/wp-content/predis` directory, since that's where the object cache expects it to reside.
3. Add object-cache.php to the wp-content directory. It is a drop-in file, not a plugin, so it belongs in the wp-content directory, not the plugins directory.
4. By default, the script will connect to Redis at
### Connecting to Redis ###
By default Predis uses `` and `6379` as the default host and port when creating a new client
instance without specifying any connection parameter:
$redis = new Predis\Client();
$redis->set('foo', 'bar');
$value = $redis->get('foo');
It is possible to specify the various connection parameters using URI strings or named arrays:
$redis = new Predis\Client('tcp://');
// is equivalent to:
$redis = new Predis\Client(array(
'scheme' => 'tcp',
'host' => '',
'port' => 6379,
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