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## Overview
Store WordPress user session tokens in Redis rather than the usermeta table. Requires PECL Redis library.
## Authors
* Erick Hitter
## Installation
1. Install and configure Redis. There is a good tutorial [here](
2. Install the [Redis PECL module](
3. Activate the plugin network-wide or by placing it in `mu-plugins`.
4. By default, the script will connect to Redis at See the *Connecting to Redis* section for further options.
### Connecting to Redis ###
By default, the plugin uses `` and `6379` as the default host and port when creating a new client instance; the default database of `0` is also used. Three constants are provided to override these default values.
Specify `WP_REDIS_BACKEND_HOST`, `WP_REDIS_BACKEND_PORT`, and `WP_REDIS_BACKEND_DB` to set the necessary, non-default connection values for your Redis instance.
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